TRACDEK® Klippon® is a concealed fixed snap-on seam roof/wall covering system that consists of structurally strong high-ribbed panels with wide-fluted pans for efficient water shedding and are fixed by means of concealed clips. All the ribs are clipped on and are interlocked. No penetration is done for its fixation to the roof or wall framing. These are ideally suited for regions which receive heavy rainfall and can be used on slopes as low as 1 in 20.

The clip-on side lap makes the Klippon® profile completely water-tight. The side lap is totally weatherproof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run-off.

Long lengths and weatherproof side lap allow the Klippon® profile to be used safely on roof pitches as low as 2 degree (approximately 1 in 30) for single length sheets, 3 degree (approximately 1 in 20) with end laps.