Ireesh- XL

IREESH XL is a solution of modified sodium lignosulphonate and additives in water. It is a chloride free highly effective plasticizing water reducing& retarding liquid admixture. It improves initial setting time and workability. When added to the concrete mix it gives a high slump in the fresh state and high strengths in the hardened state.


1. Setting Time: Apart from the main function as water reducer, IREESH XL exhibits the secondary effect of retarding the initial and final setting time of concrete.
2. Improved Workability: In this formulation gluconates act as plasticizers. IREESH XL increase workability in practice proportional to the dosage without segregation or bleeding.
3. Cement Saver: Both water and cement content are reduced in the same proportion, thus the W/C ratio remain constant. In this case IREESH XL acts as cement reducer.
4. Bleeding & Segregation: Reduce the chance of bleeding and segregation with high workability.
5. Compatibility: compatible with all type of Portland cement.Chloride content: Chloride free. It is safe in pre-stressed concrete and with sulphate resisting cement.

Recommended Uses

1. High quality concrete. Large sections and mass pours.
2. Hot weather concerting. Long or difficult pours.
3. Ready mix concrete for transportation over long distance.
4. Highly reinforced concrete. Concrete with exposed aggregates.
5. Transportation of ready mix over long distance in hot climates.
6. Mass concrete pours which demand good workability throughout placement.
7. Prefab masonry mortar.
8. Mass concrete and reinforced concrete structures where construction joints have to be avoided.
9. Cementation of oil wells, ready mix oil well cement