Ireesh RF-SR

IREESH RF-SR is a heavy duty terrace and vertical wall waterproof coating system, composed of specially developed highly elastic and water resistance acrylic polymers, properly selected & graded fillers, pigments and high performance additives. It is used as a liquid applied waterproofing membrane for all types of building terraces and vertical walls. For better performance use a glass fiber mesh that is embedded or sandwiched between the coats.


1. Easy application, no pre-heating required.
2. Can be applied by roller or brush.
3. Seamless, no joint. Bridges crackes up to 2 mm width.
4. Provides higher dry film thickness of 1 to 1.25 mm in three coat application.
5. Can be used for flat & sloping roofs.Higher tensile strength, tear resistance & bond strength with cementitious substrates.
6. Forms highly elastic & resilient coating so helps to withstand the structural movements.
7. Resistant to UV & weather conditions.
8. Light in weight does not add extra weight over the roof.
9. It is non-toxic in nature.

Recommended Uses

1. Building roofs / Terraces– Flat & sloping.
2. Useful as protective coating over existing cementitious waterproofing treatments like brickbat coba, concrete screeds, acrylic coatings, etc.
3. Suitable for horizontal and vertical walls
4. For terrace garden, swimming pools and basement, sandwich application is recommended.