IREESH RF PREMIUM is a scientific blend of synthetic resins, selected high performance additives. It is a protective and anti-corrosive waterproof coating. It is a high performance coating that dries to elastic, flexible, impermeable waterproof membrane.


1. Easy and direct (cold applied) application, no pre-heating required.
2. Seamless, no joint.
3. Provides an impervious waterproofing membrane that protects concrete structure and brick foundations against chloride and sulphate ions present in soils and water.
4. Corrosion resistant and vapor barrier.

Recommended Uses

1. Useful as protective coating on concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls, timber, metals, etc.
2. Provides a sandwich membrane in new construction and surface treatment on existing slabs.
3. Damp – proofing of regular surfaces like concrete and asbestos.
4. Provides a key for plaster on difficult surfaces.
5. For waterproofing and protection of structure, Concrete, columns and beam.