Ireesh LW 50+

IREESH LW-50+ is a single component, acrylic based polymer consisting of polymer and liquid additives. It can be used as a waterproof membrane for terraces, balconies and roof slabs. It accommodates limited crack movement in underlying surfaces. It develops an excellent bond to most building material hence becoming a part of concrete repair.


1. IREESH LW-50+ is an acrylic based polymer used for making of cement based waterproofing slurry that is flexible and cbe used as coating for control of efflorescence.
2. IREESH LW-50+ having excellent UV resistance and stability, surface coated with IREESH LW-50+ can be left exposed to sunlight.
3. It can be used as bonding agent also. IREESH LW-50+ is having more than 45 % active ingredients and therefore it is the best cement based waterproof slurry for coating on concrete and all building surfaces required for waterproofing.

Recommended Uses

1. Water proofing of basements, toilet, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, water tanks, bridge decks, etc.
2. Suitable for general concrete repairs. It gives excellent bond strength.
3. It can be used for protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack, etc.