Ireesh CRK

IREESH CRK is used for waterproofing of patios, roofs and balconies, wet areas, foundation and foundation walls, flowerpots, water wells and water tanks. It can be applied and cures even at low temperatures and produces seamless, long-lasting and crack-bridging structure.


1. Good weather and temperature resistance (-30°C to 90°C)
2. High UV resistance
3. Crack bridging up to 2 mm at -10°C
4. Accessible for light foot traffic
5. Resistant to standing water
6. Can be applied by roller or sprayed
7. Amount required (depending on type of use): 1.5 – 2.5 kg/m2 for two or three layers.

Recommended Uses

1. Useful as protective coating on concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls, timber, metals, etc.
2. Provides a sandwich membrane in new construction and surface treatment on existing slabs.
3. Damp – proofing of regular surfaces like concrete and asbestos.
4. Provides a key for plaster on difficult surfaces.
5. For waterproofing and protection of structure, Concrete, columns and beam.