Ireesh AX-196

IREESH AX-196 is a solution of sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde and additives in water. It is a high performance water reducing, superplasticising admixture for use in concrete and Portland cement with a low w/c ratio. When added to the concrete mix it gives a high slump in the fresh state and high strengths in the hardened state.


1. Water reduction: Reduces water about 25% without affecting workability.
2. Increasing Workability: Increase workability without segregation or bleeding.
3.Cement saver: Increase strength without increasing cement.
4. Bleeding & Segregation:Reduce the chance of bleeding and segregation with high workability.
5. Compatibility: compatible with all type of Portland cement.
6. Chloride content: Chloride free. It is safe in pre-stressed concrete and with sulphate resisting cement.
7. Permeability: Makes concrete less permeable hence improves the durability of the concrete structure.
8. Corrosivity: Non-corrosive. Toxicity: Non- toxic.

Recommended Uses

1. Mass Concrete: High performance concrete used for columns, beams, decks & dams
2. Reinforced Concrete: Heavily reinforced concrete Railway sleepers.
3. Precast Concrete: General purpose ready mix concrete, pre-stressed & precast concrete.
4. Floor laying: High strength & low permeable concrete