Ireesh 2K

IREESH 2K is a two component cementitious & acrylic flexible waterproofing & protective coating composed of best quality portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. The coating is particularly suitable for use in areas of swimming pools, retaining walls, pile Heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks, marbles, granites and a wide variety of extreme service class structures because on curing it forms an excellent elastomeric, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.


1. Provides a flexible & low permeable coating.
2. Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
3. Provides slip resistant coating.
4. Waterproof for concrete structures.
5. Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.
6. Excellent resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbon dioxide.
7. Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.Prevents carbonation of cement concrete.

Recommended Uses

1. Water proofing of basements, pile heads, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, water tanks, bridge decks, structural sufaces of cellars, etc.
2. Suitable for general concrete repairs like- roof slabs, floors, balcony floor slabs, etc .
3. It can be used for waterproofing of canals and dam walls, sewage treatment plants, etc.
4. It can be used for protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack, etc.