Double Skin Sandwich Roofing System

Double  Skin Custom-made Sandwich Roofing System consists of top and bottom sheet which will have 'Z' sub-girt and Rockwool Insulation in between.  The whole system is
assembled at the site as per site conditions which will have flexibility to suit the different shapes of the building and  the thickness of the insulation.

Double Skin Sandwich Roofing System is becoming more and more poular these days in view of its tremendous and varied advantages, some of which are as follows :-

Reduces outside noise level tremendously, thereby giving a noise-free working condition inside of the building.  It is therefore ideal for the structures, factories, commercial buildings, theme parks, etc.

Due to the two layers of sheets and insulation in-between, heat transmission is reduced drastically. As a result, consumption of electricity can also be reduced. This leaves a cool effect inside of the building.

Sheets can be curved and installed regardless of the shape of the structure.

Petroguard Canopy Systems, Mumbai has recently executed a major project successfully with 15000 sq.mtrs. of Double Skin Sandwich Roofing for Adlabs Imagica, situated at Khalapur, near Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
Adlabs Imagica is India's largest Water Theme Park and Theatre promoted by Adlabs Entertainment Limited. The whole contract was awarded to us for the supply of
entire materials, erection and commissioning as per the requirement of international consultants and the client.