Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 Structural Fibre for Replacement of Primary Reinforcement

Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 is a "High Performance" Alkali Resistant Glass Macro Fiber, engineered to reinforce against plastic, thermal and drying shrinkage cracking. Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 increases flexural strength and ductility, and adds toughness, impact and fatigue resistance to the concrete.

Product Application:
  • For replacement of Secondary and Primary Reinforcement (welded wire reinforcement, light rebar, steel and synthetic fibers) in Residential, Commercial and Industrial slabs-on-ground, compression layers, pavements, internal roads, precast concrete, deck slabs etc.
Advantages and Benefits:
  • Alkali Resistant Glass, No Corrosion
  • Specific Gravity- 2.68 (equal to Concrete/ Mortar)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Increase in Compressive Strength ( 13~15 %)
  • Increase in Flexural Strength (13~15%)
  • Increase in abrasion resistance, Decrease in Permeability
  • Control & Prevention of cracking in fresh and hard concrete and mortars
  • Improves mechanical properties of hardened concrete
  • Fast and uniform dispersion during blending
  • Does not affect concrete pumpability
  • No additional water demand
  • Savings in RCC cost compared to other rigid fibers - steel fiber / PP fiber.

Certifications: ISO 9001, European Technical Approval ETA-11/0410, EC Certificate of conformity 0672-CPD-1 13.15.5 & CE, Marking, IIT Mumbai


Anti-Crak®HP 67/36 Glass Fibers for steel mesh and rebar replacement

Manufactured by : OwensCorning Composite Materials LLC

  • 1 Owens Corning Parkway, Toledo, OH 43659, U.S.A.

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