Hirib Roofing

Hi-Rib profiled sheeting 1000-1020mm cover width, 28-30mm high crests @ 250-255 mm c/c manufactured out of 0.50 mm TCT hi-tensile pre-painted Galvalume steel (AZ-150 gsm. Aluminium —Zinc alloy metallic coating of total both sides 550 Mpa yield strength as per AS-1397). Exterior coat of SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester) / BHP XRW paint system, 20 micron top coat applied over 5 micron primer and a 5 micron polyester back coat applied over 5 microns primer. The sheet shall have wide pans with 3 small stiffening ribs for effective water shedding and special male/female ends with full return legs on side laps for purlin support. The male end of the sheet shall have anti-capillary flute at side laps to prevent leakages. The sheet shall be fixed by means of Galvanized self- drilling self tapping fasteners (12-14x55 with EPDM seals). The sheet shall be supplied in lengths maximum up to 6-12 meters long to suit site dimensions.